Raspberry Pi OS 2023-12-05

In the release note dated December 5, 2023, several enhancements and fixes were implemented for the Raspberry Pi operating system. Notable updates include modifications to support Raspberry Pi 5 in serial port switching, unique identification for touch screens, and compatibility with RP1 displays. The release also features improved theme handling with on-the-fly changes, restored shortcuts, and harmonized GTK+2 and GTK+3 themes for consistent styling. Bug fixes address issues such as warning notifications, volume keyboard shortcuts, and window manager crashes. The update brings support for Mathematica and Scratch 3 on Raspberry Pi 5 in 64-bit mode, along with updates to Thonny, Chromium, and Firefox. Additional inclusions encompass gpiod binary tools and python3-venv in lite images, updated translations, and firmware/kernel updates. Official announcement Download Raspberry Pi OS
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