The SpiralLinux project is pleased to announce its 12.231001 release built directly from Debian 12, with the addition of a newer kernel from Debian Backports for newer hardware compatibility. SpiralLi... Read more

The latest release includes significant changes such as the inclusion and enabling of Wayland, though it comes with hardware compatibility considerations. There's a new theme, Layan, applied throughou... Read more

Rhino Linux 2023.3 brings quality of life improvements to its users. The update includes a unified menu in the Unicorn Desktop, replacing menu bars for a modern experience. There are also fixes for is... Read more

NuTyX 23.09.0 has been released, featuring cards 2.7.0. This release includes bug fixes for issues like LXQT and Cinnamon ISOs not starting, certificate updates, and package installation improvements.... Read more

Version 23.10.01 of ArcoLinux introduces the option to install Hyprland (wayland) in the ArcoLinuxD ISO, even for newer Nvidia card users, with the help of nvidia-dkms. ArchLinux Tweak Tool enhancemen... Read more

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