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Tails now uses the zRAM Linux kernel module to extend the capacity of the computer's memory. You can run more applications or use your session for longer periods of time. Tails will handle more load before freezing and become slow more progressively. You can record screencasts using the integrated f... Read more


Version 5.1 brings a couple of small bug fixes, plus Samba now builtin -- in 5.0 it had to be installed via the "pkg" icon (PKGget package manager). The single biggest change from 5.0 is a new application, "AppImage Installer", which does what the name suggests, it is for installing AppImages. If y... Read more


Updated the Linux kernel to the long-term supported Linux 6.1.20; added GRUB loopback.cfg support; add boot customization hooks for GRUB and Syslinux; add 'gui_autostart' YAML configuration to run programs when X window is started; bring back xf86-video-qxl driver as its bugs have been fixed; remove... Read more


Major Changes No longer install monero-gui by default. Can be installed from Monero official flatpak as documented: Monero (XMR): A Reasonably Private Digital Currency install metadata-cleaner by default (Thanks to @mfc for the suggestion!) add workaround for upstream bug Tor fails to s... Read more


-> Major KDE Desktop optimizations... Besides includeng Plasma 5.27.3, we have done a lot of under-the-hood refinements and tweaking to the Plasma Desktop and rice, making behave much better and more fluently. It's now more responsive with less processes running in the background. -> AUR Helper : ... Read more


We are proud to deliver the /e/OS 1.9. Enjoy all the new features and improvements it embeds. We embedded some improvements! General: Widget names were changed for several apps to be more consistent. AppLounge: More unit tests and better logs will help us bringing AppLounge to its best! Agenda: Add ... Read more


We are pleased to announce the stable release of Qubes 4.1.2. This release aims to consolidate all the security patches, bug fixes, and upstream template OS upgrades that have occurred since the initial Qubes 4.1.0 release. Our goal is to provide a secure and convenient way for users to install (or ... Read more

Qubes OS

Snal 1.26 was released March 15, 2023. It is available for download.... Read more

Snal Linux

We have published another bugfix release for siduction today. The images should already have arrived on most mirror servers. The point release fixes some small bugs that have been reported to us in the past few days.... Read more


There are times where apt may not work for you, such as if there is not yet a Debian package or what is in our network repository is outdated. Look, we get it. You may need the latest version of a Python library and thus pulling from Pip gives you what you are after. However, there are then repercus... Read more

Kali Linux