Latest releases

Br OS 24.04 LTS has been released, now featuring the Calamares installer. Following a brief delay due to internal changes in Kubuntu, the new version arrives with KDE Plasma 5.27, QT 5.15.13, Kernel 6.8, and Flatpak 1.14.6. Notably, it includes Perplexity AI, an advanced AI provider that operates in... Read more


We are pleased to announce Oracle Linux 9 Update 4, the latest version of the premier enterprise operating system for distributed computing environments. Oracle Linux 9 Update 4 for the 64-bit Intel and AMD (x86_64) and 64-bit Arm (aarch64) platforms is now generally available. This release is appli... Read more

Oracle Linux

Manjaro 24.0 'Wynsdey' released. Since we released Vulcan in December 2023 we worked hard to get the next release of Manjaro out there. We call it Wynsdey. This is also our first release which comes with Plasma 6. The GNOME edition has received several updates to GNOME 46 series. This includes a lot... Read more

Manjaro Linux

Endless OS 6 comes with a redesigned, easier to use, and more interactive screenshot and screen recording experience. Tapping the PrintScr key or the new icon in the system menu brings up an interactive menu to select an area, app, or screen to take a screenshot or recording of. It even remembers th... Read more

Endless OS

Adds release based on Ubuntu 24.04 (Noble), Ubuntu 23.10 (Mantic) and Ubuntu 23.04 (Lunar) for best support of new hardware. Upgrades to latest partclone release v0.3.27 (released October 2023) from v0.3.20 (which was released in April 2022). This should improve issues with BTRFS filesystems, as it ... Read more


EasyOS 5.8.2, released on May 13, 2024, by BarryK, introduces a significant update, but with a known issue: the "Rollback to previous version" menu item in the initrd is non-functional due to busybox grep not recognizing the "-A" option. Despite careful code checking and a successful upgrade from ve... Read more


Below is a summary of the feature improvements included in this release: Access to the Spiderfoot reconnaissance tool that automatically queries over 100 public data sources (OSINT) to gather intelligence on IPv4 Addresses, Domain Names, E-mail Addresses, Names and more can be run as a Docker contai... Read more

Network Security Toolkit

From Rocky Linux 9.4 forward, you can specify arbitrary custom mount points except for specific paths that are reserved for the operating system. Creation of different partitioning modes is now available including auto-lvm, lvm, and raw. Customize tailor options for a profile and add it to your blue... Read more

Rocky Linux

Major changes in EuroLinux 9.4. Security - key security-related highlights: Rsyslog log processing system introduces customizable TLS/SSL encryption settings and additional capability dropping options. The OpenSSL TLS toolkit adds a provider-specific configuration directory. The Linux kernel cryptog... Read more


The most important technical change with Plasma 6 is the default setting of Wayland as the display server instead of the previous X11 display server. We have already described the differences between X11 and Wayland in an article in our knowledge base. The new display protocol promises, among other ... Read more