Latest releases

Following these last months of alpha and beta testing, we are glad to announce the release of YunoHost 11.0, running on Debian 11 'Bullseye'. This comes along with the latest version of the 4.4 series which includes a Buster-to-Bullseye migration tool to upgrade as simply as possible. Versions 4.x a... Read more


Alpine Linux stable version 3.16.2... Read more

Alpine Linux

In light of 'Hacker Summer Camp 2022' (BlackHat USA, BSides LV and DEFCON) occurring right now, we wanted to push out Kali Linux 2022.3 as a nice surprise for everyone to enjoy. With the publishing of this blog post, we have the download links ready for immediate access, or you can update any existi... Read more

Kali Linux

Garuda Linux release 220808... Read more

Garuda Linux

This release isn’t shipping with big improvements from our side but has some corrections to the Artemis release from last month and an upstream refresh for the live environment and the offline install option. So there aren’t any fixes done on the DE options like the empty icon on our Plasma installa... Read more


Replaces Ubuntu 21.10 (Impish) build with build based on Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy) for best support of new hardware. Builds latest version of partclone from source code v0.3.20, instead of OS package. This fixes 'unsupported feature' error for users of compressed BTRFS filesystems (such as Fedora Worksta... Read more


- Updated the kernel to the Long-Term-Supported linux-5.15.587 - “cow_label” and “cow_directory” boot options can now also be set via the YAML config file - New “nomdlvm” boot option doesn’t activate md raid and lvm devices, preventing disk writes (#272) - Speed up boot process and fix pacman usage ... Read more


For 4.3.2, added SeaMonkey, version 2.53.13, and bumped Limine to 3.14.1.... Read more


Robolinux has released its 6th update to its 3 new highly stable R12 rolling release versions. R12.07 comes with hundreds of improvements, security and application updates The Robolinux R12 rolling release LTS versions were built and tested over the course of nine months starting out with the 20.0... Read more