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The release note page outlines various updates and improvements across different facets of the ArcoLinux ecosystem. From the expansion of Ariser's platform with new ISO options to the enhancement of the ArcoLinux App Glade for streamlined ISO burning, the updates focus on simplifying installation pr... Read more


Highlighting the most relevant changes only: Misc: grml-hwinfo: add inxi output and collect information about network devices via ethtool. grml-live (build system for creating Grml (based) Linux live systems): Initial arm64 / aarch64 support. Add support for Debian/Trixie (current Debian Testing). U... Read more


**Zentyal 8.0 Release Note:** This release brings a multitude of updates and enhancements across various modules. Antivirus module sees improvements with ClamAV dependencies removed and freshclam command added for smoother operation. Core updates include fixes for SHM locks and trial days adjustment... Read more


Tails 6.0, based on Debian 12 (Bookworm) and GNOME 43, introduces various new features including error detection on Persistent Storage, automatic mounting of external devices, protection against malicious USB devices, Dark Mode and Night Light options, easier screenshots and screencasts, simplified ... Read more


bluestar-linux-6.7.6-2024.02.24-x86_64 has been released and is available for download... Read more


It is evident from the feedback received over the past few years that the Accessible-Coconut GNU/Linux operating system represents a significant advancement in enhancing the lives of individuals with visual impairments. Zendalona is pleased to announce the release of Accessible-Coconut 22.04.03, whi... Read more


We're excited to announce the latest Armbian release, 24.2, code name 'Kereru'. This update comes with a plethora of changes, making the Armbian experience even better. In recent developments, we're proud to announce the completion of several projects geared towards refining the Armbian experience. ... Read more


Team Tiny Core is excited to unveil Core v15.0, featuring significant updates across various components. This release includes kernel 6.6.8, glibc 2.38, gcc 13.2.0, binutils 2.41, and updates to essential libraries and applications such as e2fsprogs, util-linux, zlib, and busybox. Additionally, seve... Read more

Tiny Core

antiX 23.1 'Arditi del Popolo' is a bug-fix release based on Debian 'Bookworm'. As usual, we offer completely systemd-free and elogind-free flavours for both 32-bit and 64-bit architecture. Features: based on Debian 12 'Bookworm', but without systemd and elogind; eudev instead of udev; customised 5.... Read more

antiX Linux

bluestar-linux-6.7.5-2024.02.17-x86_64 has been released and is available for download... Read more