Latest releases

bluestar-linux-6.2.5-2023.03.12-x86_64 has been released and is available for download... Read more


After less than a month, after Cassini Neo was released, we present you with Cassini Nova which ships with minor but necessary bug fixes and also with the usual refreshed main package versions for both the live environment as well as the offline installation option. These fixes are for the ISO and i... Read more


USB sound devices are now shown with their vendor and model in the Volume menu. Handle already-running installations more gracefully when trying to install applications. Improved 'About This Computer' dialog. 'About This Computer' now also shows information about the X.Org GPU driver being used. The... Read more


We are pleased to offer siduction 2022.1.1 as a bug-fix release. It is based on an excerpt of Debian 'Sid' from March 8, 2023. siduction 2022.1 had some problems with the newly introduced snapshot feature when using Btrfs as filesystem, which were difficult to solve, but are now fixed. In addition, ... Read more


Improvements: [networking] improvement starting interfaces [webgui] improvement applying farmguardian [lslb] http: scheduling algorithm improvements [lslb] http: improve pending connection count for backends Bugfixes: [system] fixed SupportSave command [lslb] http: fixed redirect behavior... Read more


A March snapshot of Sparky rolling is out, which works on Linux kernel 6.1 LTS, and provides updates from Debian and Sparky testing repos.... Read more


Removes the Intel screen tearing fix introduced in 2.3 which should fix black screens on Intel graphics; introduces Ubuntu 22.10 'Kinetic' for best support of recent hardware, but leaves default build as Ubuntu 22.04 'Jammy'; reintroduces a 32-bit (Intel i386) build, currently based on Ubuntu 18.04 ... Read more


The dr460nized edition has in the past relied heavily on Latte-Dock's features. For most of us, it's not news that the development of Latte-Dock has now more or less ceased. This sadly necessitated significant changes, that required replacing Latte-Dock with more standardized Plasma panels. This cha... Read more

Garuda Linux

The final stable version of LibreELEC 11, bringing Kodi 'Nexus' 20.0, has been released. With the new release cycle, we add a Generic-Legacy image supporting NVIDIA cards, Chrome Browser add-ons and older hardware. We also re-introduce support for older Amlogic devices (S905, S905X/D, S912). LibreEL... Read more


Robolinux has released its 2nd 2023 update to its 3 new highly stable R12 rolling release versions. You will notice new login and grub boot splash screens. It should also be noted that all 3 Robolinux Desktop versions come with the LibreWolf browser which has the highest privacy! LibreWolf is a ... Read more