MX Linux 21.2

MX 21.2 is the second refresh of our MX 21 release, consisting of bug fixes, kernels and application updates since our original release of MX 21. If you are already running MX 21, there is no need to reinstall. Packages are all available through the regular update channel. Highlights include: Debian 11.4 'Bullseye' base; mx-installer received several bug fixes and improvements; mx-tweak has new options for disabling Bluetooth adapters and moving Xfce/GTK file dialog buttons to bottom instead of the top of the dialog; Fluxbox gets a new mxfb-look tool to save and restore theme combinations; mx-updater/apt-notifier has option to use nala as the backend; kernel cleanup tool added to mx-cleanup; disk space check for /boot partitions to make sure a disk has enough room for a kernel update before the update starts....
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Other releases
Number Codename Date
21.2 2022-08-29 00:00:00
21.2.1 Wildflower 2022-09-18 00:00:00
41.0 2022-12-04 00:00:00
21.3 2023-01-15 00:00:00
23 Libretto 2023-07-31 00:00:00
23.1 2023-10-16 00:00:00

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