This release note highlights significant changes in Kicksecure 1, including various security improvements that are not detailed in the note. Noteworthy updates involve the Tor Browser downloader (tb-updater) with enhanced security in the curl download progress meter and the resolution of --resume issues. Additionally, onion-grater has been updated, and efforts towards IPv6 support and porting to nftables 1 have been made. The release addresses a warning related to CookieAuthentication, aiming to fix potential vulnerabilities in Tor configuration. Other improvements include HTTPTunnelPort enhancements, kloak updates, progress towards a Windows installer, and Linux installer improvements. Notably, there's a reduction in the boot clock randomization seconds in Qubes Template, adjustments in RAM for Whonix-Gateway in KVM, and a license change to AGPLv3+. Official announcement Download Whonix
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