Univention Corporate Server 5.0-5

Univention Corporate Server 5.0-5 is the fifth point release for Univention Corporate Server (UCS) 5.0. It contains all erratas released since version 5.0-4 for bug fixes, performance improvements and security updates for Samba, Linux, OpenSSH, Bind and Python, among others. UCS 5.0-5 is available in the 'Software Update' module and can be found in our download area. In total, the new point release includes 28 security updates that we have provided since the last UCS point release, such as those for Samba, Linux, OpenSSH, Bind, and Python. We have also implemented various bug fixes in the Univention Management Console (UMC) environment and upgraded some UMC modules to the new capabilities that have been available with the UMC server since the fundamental change from UCS 5.0-4. In the future, we will be able to significantly reduce the memory consumption of UMC during operation in certain cases. Also worth mentioning is the new option of explicitly setting an empty value or deleting the value in the UMC module for the Univention Config Registry (UCR). Official announcement Download Univention Corporate Server
Other releases
Number Codename Date
5.0-2 2022-06-30 00:00:00
5.0-3 2023-02-09 00:00:00
5.0-4 2023-06-21 00:00:00
5.0-5 2023-09-13 00:00:00
5.0-6 2023-12-13 00:00:00
5.0-7 2024-03-14 00:00:00

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