UbuntuDDE 22.04 "jammy"

Key features of UbuntuDDE Remix 22.04 Jammy: Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy base system. Inclusion of DDE Grand Search (press Shift + Space bar to activate). Upgraded versions of DTK based native applications preinstalled including Deepin Music, Deepin Movie, Image Viewer, Boot Maker, System Monitor, Deepin Calculator, Deepin Text Editor, Deepin Terminal and more. Firefox from Mozilla Team PPA as the default web browser. LibreOffice as default office package. Latest Ubuntu base packages preinstalled. Linux Kernel 5.15.0 with new NTFS file system driver and new in-kernel SMB file server. New beautiful wallpapers and assets from the UbuntuDDE Remix Team and Deepin. Activated QT based styling in Calamares Installer for easy Installation of the Distribution. DDE Store preinstalled (thanks to Dekzi). Future more exciting software updates through OTA updates.
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Other releases
Number Codename Date
22.04 jammy 2022-09-23 00:00:00

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