OpenBSD 7.3

We are pleased to announce the official release of OpenBSD 7.3. This is our 54th release. We remain proud of OpenBSD's record of more than twenty years with only two remote holes in the default install. As in our previous releases, 7.3 provides significant improvements, including new features, in nearly all areas of the system. Installer, upgrade and bootloader improvements: Made installer answers ! and (S)hell drop into a ksh(1) environment rather than the more limited sh(1). Added support for configuring interfaces by lladdr (MAC). Made the installer skip interface configuration questions when no interfaces are available. Fixed resizing partitions on an auto-allocated disk that had a boot partition. Stopped the installer from asking to initialize disks that have softraid(4) chunks. Made efiboot fdt support device trees with NOPs in them (like the kernel version). Improved the default choice for the installer's install media disk question to show the first disk that (a) is not the root disk and (b) is not a disk with softraid chunks (hosting the root disk, for example). Stopped offering WEP in the installer if not supported. Fixed lock file error on installer exit/abort. Official announcement Download OpenBSD
Other releases
Number Codename Date
7.2 2022-10-20 00:00:00
7.3 2023-04-10 00:00:00
7.4 2023-10-16 00:00:00
7.5 2024-04-05 00:00:00

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