Nobara Project 38

In the latest release of Nobara 38, several new features and updates have been introduced. Notably, the changelog highlights the addition of a workaround for Davinci Resolve, enabling the detection of the Davinci Resolve installer and prompting users to run a wizard for additional actions. This wizard performs the necessary steps to ensure Davinci Resolve runs smoothly by moving DR-shipped glib2 libraries to a backup folder. Another significant change is the workaround implemented for running the native Linux version of Payday 2, utilizing the zink driver as the OpenGL implementation is currently broken and no longer supported officially. Additionally, various udev rules have been added to enforce the usage of specific drivers for Xbox 360 controller devices and set different I/O schedulers for different device types. The GNOME 44 environment now includes updated and rebased variable refresh rate (VRR) patches applied to Mutter 44. Several enhancements and fixes have been made to OBS/GStreamer, including the addition of AV1 support through patches in GStreamer 1.22, functional AV1 support for OBS-vaapi and AMF, and Mesa 23.1.3 built on LLVM 15. The Nobara Package Manager/yumex now supports managing flatpaks and provides a cleaner upgrade experience by removing overridden packages from the upgrade list. The "Update System" button has been introduced for easy system updates. Furthermore, various application-specific improvements have been made, such as patching Blender to resolve rendering issues under Wayland, enabling executing files as an administrator within Nautilus, and updating flatpak repositories. The Davinci Resolve wizard has also been added to the Nobara welcome app as an optional step. The AV1 changes were not backported to Nobara 37 due to the requirement of FFmpeg 6.0, which would necessitate rebuilding and maintaining numerous dependent packages. Similarly, the Davinci Resolve change was not backported as the issue stemmed from an update in glib2, which affected the newer version but not the older version present in Nobara 37.
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Other releases
Number Codename Date
37 2023-01-07 00:00:00
38 2023-06-25 00:00:00
39 2023-12-27 00:00:00

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