BlueOnyx 5211R

We just published the first ISO image of our new BlueOnyx 5211R (AlmaLinux 9.1) to the download mirrors. The ISO image provides the usual installation options that you might already know from previous BlueOnyx ISO installs. Just boot off the ISO image and in the boot menu choose your form of installation and the rest of the procedure is entirely free of user input. After the reboot at the end of the installation, login to your new BlueOnyx 5211R server with the login details shown on the screen. That will automatically launch to perform the initial network configuration. It may be that after configuring the network details for the very first time after installation, the server still has no network connection due to the gateway settings not having been applied correctly by NetworkManager. If that's the case, simply reboot. Official announcement Download BlueOnyx
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Number Codename Date
5211R 2022-11-21 00:00:00

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