Robolinux 12.09

Robolinux has released its 1st 2023 update to its 3 new highly stable R12 rolling release versions. You will notice new login and grub boot splash screens. It should also be noted that all 3 Robolinux Desktop versions come with the LibreWolf browser which has the highest privacy! LibreWolf is a fork of Firefox so you can quickly import and use your existing Firefox data files! The Legacy Bios isos only work in VM's & Non UEFI PC's. If your machine supports legacy BIOS it is recommended as UEFI firmware adds up to an extra minute of boot up time. Easy (UEFI iso or Legacy iso) install instruction video: ***Don't miss the 80% Off 12+ price -only $25 Expires January 11th, 2023*** R12.09 comes with hundreds of improvements, security and application updates The Robolinux R12 rolling release LTS versions were built and tested over the course of nine months starting out with the 20.04 code base and then 22.04 kernels, compilers and libraries. The current Robolinux R12 rolling release comes with the newest 5.15 Linux kernel, gcc9 C compilers, libraries and new applications while also providing highly stable LTS software packages simultaneously. This gives Robolinux users access to the Debian & Ubuntu Developers' monthly OS improvements such as faster boot up and shutdown speeds along with a continuous path to the most current hardware support and access to installing and using the newest software applications along with the ability to install the 20.04 LTS stable software as well. We call this the best of both worlds! If you find any issues please report them to Robolinux via our website contact webpage: You will find a blue 12+ icon launcher on each R12 series Desktop offering Users an optional one click upgrade (For only $25) to Robolinux 12+ which provides monthly custom updates & upgrades, several useful custom applications such as the Robo UNTRACKER, FAAST Boot, Backdoor Security, Stealth VM, C Drive to VM, and several additional privacy one click app installers, All 12+ users can upgrade their current 12 series Cinnamon, Mate & Xfce Desktops to the new R12 rolling release versions in just one click, using the Robolinux Auto Upgrade option in Administration from the main menu. Each ultra fast and sleek highly optimized Robolinux R12 Legacy BIOS & UEFI Cinnamon, Mate & XFCE Desktop version has a small 1.4GB - 1.9GB iso file size, comes with attractive modern icons & only a minimal number of essential applications are included to reduce bloat: LibreWolf, Deluge torrent client, GIMP, Shotwell, Atril PDF Viewer, Brasero, vlc, Audacious, gparted, synaptic, System cleaner, htop, a calculator, a text editor & Screenshot. Please note: Only Legacy Bios versions work in Virtual machines & Computers or Laptops with no UEFI BIOS. All new computers have no Legacy BIOS boot options so you are forced to use UEFI Secure Boot in order to install any Operating System. Users who have machines manufactured before 2020 who know how to set their BIOS to boot off of a NON UEFI Secure Boot USB or DVD device can install all three Robolinux versions without being forced to use UEFI or Secure Boot! Users who have machines manufactured before 2013 MUST USE Legacy BIOS Boot isos. All Robolinux Legacy BIOS & UEFI R12 versions have been upgraded with the newest Linux Kernel along with hundreds of security & application updates. Each rock solid version comes with Long Term Support through 2025! Official announcement Download Robolinux
Other releases
Number Codename Date
12.07 2022-08-05 09:31:00
12.09 2023-01-06 00:00:00
12.10 2023-03-03 00:00:00
12.11 2023-05-05 00:00:00

I'm a long-time Windows user and new to Linux. I researched many distros and narrowed my search down to Robolinux, Zorin OS, and a few others. I installed the basic version of each and bought the 12+ upgrade for Robo and the Pro version of Zorin, installed and set them up on 2 laptops. After trying both for a while, I set up my daughter's laptop with Zorin and let her try both it and Robo. We like both and have not yet made a final decision. Robo's commitment to security is great and it, with a VPN, seems to make a very secure system. I had a very difficult time with both distros insofar as the Linux "world" has a lot of programs available with weird names that I think could be improved by the simple addition of NNN "Office Suite" for example. Also, the entire Linux world has terminology and ways of doing things that all need to be learned. Having stated all that, I like both distros, with a leaning toward Robo for its security features. For me, as well as for a friend who is a long-time Linux user, I find the Robolinux 1-Click feature installation confusing because once in to it, I was faced with a lot of script files for installation that really confuse me; I would like to see this process made easier. However, once I figured some things out, I was able to install those I'm interested in quite smoothly. (In fairness to the Developer, John Martinson, I may very well still be doing some things wrong. Also, I'm undecided still about the approach of using a virtual machine to run Windows apps in their native environment versus using WINE and PlayOnLinux to install them. Both work. I do like John's provision of Windows versions for easy installation in VMs a lot. My daughter likes both distros and, like myself, favors Robolinux's security. It is important to note that our computer use is for education and business as well as personal, so the bottom line for us it that it works! I don't think that anyone can go wrong with Robolinux.

Tom Healy - 2023-02-15 19:42:09

5 stars

I would like to put robolinux on my Windows 11 laptop but cannot get it to load after creating usb boot device. I am not able get laptop to boot bios. Anyone that could help please let me know at

leonard price - 2023-03-30 22:00:50

0 star

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