rlxOS 2211 "Silaghana"

RLXOS proudly introduces Silaghana, a major release embodying unyielding reliability. The update includes a transition from GNOME to Xfce4, offering a faster and lighter desktop environment with enhanced configurability. Swupd facilitates seamless updates, allowing users to review changelogs before applying updates. Source code cleanup involves a move to the in-house tool, ignite, ensuring smoother performance. Silaghana expands device compatibility, supporting both UEFI and Legacy BIOS with plans for future architectures. The release adopts a feature-based update approach, providing stability and up-to-date upstream components. RLXOS Initial Setup, an alternative to gnome-initial-setup, guides users through Xfce4 desktop setup. Silaghana marks the new upstream channel for RLXOS updates, deprecating other channels, and introduces active channels for stable and experimental updates. The release emphasizes fresh installations for optimal performance. Users can check their system status using swupd or ostree commands and switch to stable channels if needed. Silaghana underscores RLXOS's commitment to delivering a robust open-source operating system. Official announcement Download rlxOS
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Number Codename Date
2211 Silaghana 2023-11-23 00:00:00

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