Latest releases

2023 01 January ISO refresh is ready for download. Built from Manjaro stable branch as of 26.01.23. Available with latest LTS kernel – 5.15 or slightly older one 5.4 LTS. The release includes several improvements, notable of which are: a modern config for Picom and a quick menu for configuring Tint... Read more

Mabox Linux

23.1, nicknamed "Quintessential Quail", features Unbound DNS statistics with a blocklist rewrite in Python, improved WAN SLAAC operability, firewall alias BGP ASN type support, PHP 8.1, assorted FreeBSD networking updates, MVC/API pages for packet capture/virtual IPs/IPsec connection management, IPs... Read more


A new 2.0 release of Peropesis Linux OS released. In the new edition, part of the old software was updated and several new packages was installed. The tool Make, which controls the automatic installation of software from the source code, was installed. Database management system SQLite, command-line... Read more


AV Linux MX Edition contains some Customized Applications and Packaging that is not available within a Repository at this time. ... Read more

AV Linux

NuTyX 23.01.1 available with cards 2.6.3 This new release is the landmark of the 15 year anniversary of NuTyX. Spiky and me are happy to announce the new version of NuTyX 23.01.1 and cards 2.6.3 . New toolchain gcc 12.2.0, glibc 2.36 and binutils 2.40 . SysV in 3.06 and systemd in 252.4 . The x... Read more


Fix Pause and long tracks playback in TIDAL and QOBUZ Faster retrieval of long playlists Bigger artwork on small displays Fix for discovery crashing Various fixes for 193 streaming... Read more


With this new release, the main changes are : Xterm : Add CTRL++/CTRL+- to increase/decrease the size of the font (doesn't work with +/- from keypad) fast-mount-usb : add the parameter "-q" to show only the mounted point and the label fast-save-project : use the parameter "-q" with fast... Read more

Live Raizo

Today the PC/OS Open Source development team is pleased to announce Freespire 9.0, our newest release based on Canonical’s Xubuntu 22.04 LTS. With stability and functionality in mind, our team has been working to make this optimal for both open source enthusiasts and desktop users. Some of the cha... Read more


We are sorry that Tails 5.8 affected many of you so badly. Thanks to your patience and feedback, we were able to solve most of these new issues. Changes and updates Update Tor Browser to 102.7. Update the Tor client to Simplify the error screen of the Tor Connection assista... Read more


Our first update of the year brings Kodi v19.5, which is the final version of Kodi 19.x (Matrix). We are now working on preparing Kodi v20 (Nexus) for OSMC users. This update brings the last stable version of Kodi v19 with a few improvements to improve the upgrade process. ... Read more