Latest releases

Sparky 7.2 “Orion Belt” is out. It is a quarterly updated point release of Sparky 7 'Orion Belt' of the stable line. Sparky 7 is based on and fully compatible with Debian 12 'Bookworm'. Changes: all packages updated from Debian and Sparky stable repos as of December 5, 2023; Linux kernel PC: 6.1.55 ... Read more


We are pleased to announce the release of Alpine Linux 3.19.0, the first in the v3.19 stable series. Highlights: Linux kernel 6.6; GCC 13.2; Perl 5.38; LLVM 17; Xen 4.18; PostgreSQL 16; Node.js (lts) 20.10; Ceph 18.2; GNOME 45; Go 1.21; KDE Applications 23.08 / KDE Frameworks 5.112; OpenJDK 21; PHP ... Read more

Alpine Linux

Freespire 10 has been released by the PC/OS development team, emphasizing improvements in both internal development and user-facing front-end aspects. The release aims to provide a familiar experience for new users while offering configurability for advanced ones. Notable enhancements include improv... Read more


In the release note dated December 5, 2023, several enhancements and fixes were implemented for the Raspberry Pi operating system. Notable updates include modifications to support Raspberry Pi 5 in serial port switching, unique identification for touch screens, and compatibility with RP1 displays. T... Read more

Raspberry Pi OS

In the 5.6.5 release, various fixes have been implemented, including the removal of the Rox Customise Menu entry and resolving issues such as abort loading NVIDIA SFS in initrd and a usr-merge fix for the kirkstone container. Notably, this update introduces the inclusion of a new p7zip and a rewritt... Read more


With GNOME 45 hot off the press, Kali Linux is now supporting it! And is looking pretty in the process! For people who opt to use GNOME as their desktop environment, GNOME 45 is now here! If you do not read their changelog, below is a quick summary mixed with some of our tweaks: Full-height sidebars... Read more

Kali Linux

SolydXK has released version 12, based on Debian Bookworm 12.2, with ISOs now available for download. The release expresses appreciation to founder and developer Arjen Balfoort for his contributions. Existing SolydXK users can utilize provided bash scripts for smooth upgrades: one for transitioning ... Read more


The December 2023 release of Mabox Linux introduces refreshed ISO images featuring the new LTS 6.6 kernel, with an option to choose the slightly older LTS 5.4 kernel for compatibility with older hardware. Users can easily install and run multiple kernel versions simultaneously. Noteworthy additions ... Read more

Mabox Linux

The Alpine Linux project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of new stable releases, including 3.18.2. ... Read more

Alpine Linux

The release note for openmediavault 6.9.9, dated December 1, 2023, outlines several updates and fixes. Notable changes include the ability to configure exports exclusively for enabled NFS versions, an enhancement to the database query to prevent errors when initiating a SMART scheduled task via the ... Read more