Latest releases

Qubes 4.2.2 includes a fix for #8332: File-copy qrexec service is overly restrictive. As explained in the issue comments, we introduced a change in Qubes 4.2.0 that caused inter-qube file-copy/move actions to reject filenames containing, e.g., non-Latin characters and certain symbols. The rationale ... Read more

Qubes OS

This release adds the various installation options - basic, desktop, deskpro, developer - as it did before. It now also performs software updates on the installation. Going forward, you may not see any graphical differences for a time while I restore much of the underlying logic from what I had adde... Read more


The CachyOS July 2024 release introduces several key updates and enhancements. A new Zen4 optimized repository is now available for Zen4 and Zen5 CPUs, providing improved performance with additional instruction sets. The CachyOS Hardware Detection tool (chwd) now supports AMD ROCm GPUs and configure... Read more


Snal Linux 1.33, an update based on Arch Linux, was released on July 13, 2024. This version supports the x86_64 architecture and includes Linux kernel 6.9.9 and Firefox 128.0. Users can download it from SourceForge. Key package updates include alsa-lib 1.2.12-1, gcc 14.1.1, and docker 1:27.0.3-1. Th... Read more

Snal Linux

The 6.1 release includes several updates and fixes, including a new version of the yff audio, video, and image converter, and updates to the Chromium browser and Linux kernel. Key changes are the introduction of yff on July 13, 2024, the compilation of Linux kernel 6.6.39 on the same day, removal of... Read more


The latest release includes significant updates and improvements. Kicksecure has been updated, and the default connection is now to the public Tor network, eliminating the Anon Connection Wizard popup at first boot. The Whonix-Firewall has been ported from iptables to nftables with enhanced code qua... Read more


New features: Connections management page: adds interface for managing active network connections tracked by conntrack. MultiWAN add sticky option in rules: introduces sticky option in MultiWAN rules for connection persistence. Great enhancements on LDAP remote database authentication: improves auth... Read more


Dragonfish benefits from OpenZFS, Linux, SAMBA improvements, and some TrueNAS optimizations. The performance changes may not be obvious for smaller systems, but larger systems need software performance that scales with core and drive count. Dragonfish has significant improvements in IOPS (virtualiza... Read more


The underlying GNU/Linux operating system was upgraded. This release is based on the Debian Sid repository (as of 2024/Jun/28). Linux kernel was updated to 6.9.7-1. Partclone was updated to 0.3.31. Removed package cpufrequtils from lists of live system. It's not in the Debian repo anymore. Removed t... Read more


This release enables immediate, complete language switching during a work session without the need for a new login. In addition, the bookmark management for the file manager has been improved.... Read more