pfSense 2.7.2

Netgate has released pfSense Plus software version 23.09.1 and pfSense CE software version 2.7.2, focusing on addressing potential ZFS file system corruption issues and enhancing overall security. The updates include fixes for three ZFS file system issues, two of which could result in data corruption. Additionally, the releases tackle a security advisory regarding a potential TCP denial-of-service attack, update OpenVPN to version 2.6.8, and address a potential buffer overflow issue in strongSwan (CVE-2023-41913). Bugs in the fallback implementation of AES-GCM are fixed, along with other miscellaneous issues outlined in the Release Notes. Users are encouraged to refer to the detailed Release Notes for more information. Netgate provides a comprehensive Upgrade Guide for both pfSense Plus and pfSense CE software versions, emphasizing the importance of backing up configurations before performing upgrades. The company expresses gratitude to customers and the community for their support, emphasizing that sustaining Netgate hardware, TAC, or cloud instances contributes directly to maintaining high-quality pfSense software. Official announcement Download pfSense
Other releases
Number Codename Date
2.7.0 2023-07-13 00:00:00
2.7.1 2023-11-16 00:00:00
2.7.2 2023-12-15 00:00:00

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