Mageia 9

Smaller disk footprint: The size of the minimal install (when disabling the recommended packages) has been reduced. - It's the smallest since Mageia 4. The RPM DB has switched to SQLite: The RPM database no longer uses the old and unmaintained Berkeley DB. It now uses the modern SQLite. Conversion is performed during upgrade from Mageia 8. Major developments: Installation - NFS support is done using system tools rather than our 15 years old forked NFS code, thus gaining support for NFSv4 and co... When using an HTTP server, it's now possible to specify a port different than the default "80". The stage1 images are compressed with Zstd instead of gzip. Lots of bug fixes and improvements in the partitioner. Add 'downloader=curl' in order to switch from wget to curl for downloading packages. Rescue - The rescue system has been enhanced. Live ISO: The NetworkManager system service is now enabled by default on the Plasma Live ISO (this was already done for the GNOME and Xfce Live ISOs in previous releases). This allows network connections to be managed via the Plasma system settings tool as well as by the traditional Mageia network management tools. Official announcement Download Mageia
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9 2023-08-27 00:00:00

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