Liya v7.1 "Iqra"

New Features Introduced In This Release Alpana - Alpana is the update tool for Liya, whenever a new version is released, you can type in liya-update in the terminal, it will fetch the latest version of alpana and update your system, it will ask before updating your skel. Full 32 bit support - This version of Liya features full support for 32 bit apps. Terminal - This isn't any new, but we previously used kitty, which set itself as the default file manager, we changed to GNOME Terminal (not console), this version fixes that htop not launching from the menu bug. Quick app launch - This version includes Ulauncher, which blends well with the UI and can be launched by pressing the Ctrl+Space buttons. Cinnamon 5.8 support - Updating to cinnamon 5.8 broke the system, this is no longer the case, and cinnamon runs fast OS-Autodetect - This is a tool built in the system, if you have another os installed, then Vanilla GRUB will be installed, else, Silent GRUB will be installed. Official announcement Download Liya
Other releases
Number Codename Date
v7.1 Iqra 2023-06-15 00:00:00

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