IPFire 2.27 Core 168

Stefan contributed a patch series for notably improving the IPS, particularly when it comes to handling of ruleset providers. While many of the changes are done under the hood, the following are visible to the web interface: Monitoring mode can now be enabled for each ruleset provider individually. This makes baselining and testing much less of a hassle, since newly introduced IPS ruleset providers can now first be used for logging only, without risking disruptions or unintended side-effects. Parsing and restructuring changed or updated rulesets has been improved and is now faster by orders of magnitude. The downloader will now automatically check whether a ruleset has been updated on its providers' server by checking the ETag HTTP header. This allows us to drop the update interval selection; every IPS ruleset will now updated automatically on the appropriate interval. Official announcement Download IPFire
Other releases
Number Codename Date
2.27 Core 168 2022-06-13 00:00:00
2.27 Core 170 2022-09-16 00:00:00
2.27 Core 171 2022-10-20 12:38:00
2.27-Core172 2022-12-29 00:00:00

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