Clonezilla 3.0.0-26

The underlying GNU/Linux operating system has been upgraded. This release is based on the Debian 'Sid' repository as of 2022-05-22; Linux kernel has been updated to 5.17.6; Partclone has been updated to 0.3.20; this release supports APFS (Apple File System) imaging/cloning now; added LUKS support; a better mechanism than dd is implemented; it's recommended to encrypt the image when saving the LUKS device; updated the de_DE, el_GR, es_ES, fr_FR, ja_JP, hu_HU, pl_PL and sk_SK language files; added wavemon, memtester, edac-utils, shc and uml-utilities to the live system; removed s3ql from the live system; a better mechanism to check GPT/MBR format of a disk has been implemented - this is a workaround to deal with ChromeOS Flex partition table. Official announcement Download Clonezilla
Other releases
Number Codename Date
3.0.0-26 2022-05-24 00:00:00
3.0.1 2022-06-22 00:00:00
3.0.2-21 2022-11-08 00:00:00
3.0.3-22 2023-02-16 00:00:00
3.1 2023-04-27 00:00:00
3.1.1-27 2023-11-07 00:00:00
3.1.2-9 2024-02-02 00:00:00
3.1.2-22 2024-04-19 00:00:00

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