ArcaOS 5.0.8

ArcaOS 5.0.8 is being released with refreshed drivers, updated kernel and software, installation boot fixes, and some fixes from the 5.1.0 development work. This update can be used for new installations or to update any previous version of ArcaOS 5. Users experiencing installation difficulties with previous releases may find their issues addressed with 5.0.8. For more information and updates, visit the ArcaOS wiki and review the README.TXT. The update is included with a valid ArcaOS 5.0 Support & Maintenance subscription at no additional charge, and the ISO can be downloaded from the customer portal page. Expired subscriptions can still be renewed at a discounted rate, and active subscriptions will entitle users to a discount on the future ArcaOS 5.1 upgrade. Official announcement Download ArcaOS
Other releases
Number Codename Date
5.0.8 2023-06-01 00:00:00

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